Our services include but are not limited to


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Let Upstate Digital Solutions be responsible for the design and execution of the creative concepts used for the marketing of your organization. Our team has detailed knowledge of graphic design, layout design, and typography. For you we will design a logo that is authentic, timeless, memorable, and visually distinct.

What we do...
> Creating layouts by implementing design principles.
> Working from rough instructions to prepare layouts.
> Designing logos as per the specifications of the clients.
> Coordinating with the client during project development.
> Providing creative and functional design solutions.
> Managing multiple branding and identity projects.

What we offer...
> Thorough knowledge of the current standards used in media.
> Working knowledge of creative software.
> Background in design and branding.
> Ability to multitask.
> Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
> Ability and urge to learn latest digital media technologies.
> Ability to manage time efficiently.
> Effective verbal and written communication skills.
> Ability to prioritize work to meet deadlines.