Pervacia was raised with a passion for music. She grew up in a musical household. Though none of her family members played an instrument, her mother was a dance instructor and was involved in theater. Pervacia became involved in those things as well. When  she was 4 years old a piano was purchased for her. She took lessons until she was 16. She was in countless recitals and competitions. It wasn't until many years later that she bought her first drum kit and was totally and completely in love.

Music has always been a huge part her. It's seen her through some of the toughest parts of her life. Pervacia has always composed music whether it was on the piano or the drums. It was a way that she expressed her internal struggles and joys. She started dabbling in music that involved syncing and layering in 2023. It started with commercial style music such as show and product introductions through Upstate Digital Solutions. She thoroughly enjoyed (and was good) at it. Inspired by her husband, DJ D-Cypher, she embarked on creating her own style of music.

DJ Pervacia uses a Pioneer DDR-800 backed by Rockville speakers