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You don't need to sacrifice quality, accuracy or budget
Your document is proofread, accurate, with correct industry terms


Why Do you Need Document Transcribing? 

  • Interviews

  • Group meetings

  • Seminars

  • Conferences

  • Public speeches

  • Editorial classes

  • Telephone conversations

  • To archive in digital form

  • To make data available to read at any time

  • Analyze the data more rapidly

  • Extract more active decisions about particular data

  • Correcting transcription done by voice recognition software

What Can I Offer You?

  • Strong listening skills

  • Fast and accurate typing skills

  • Language skills

  • Familiarity with MS Word or similar applications

  • Editing, grammar check, and proofreading skills


What Type of Transcription do you Offer?
We offer verbatim and natural transcription.  We can discuss this more at your initial client consultation.

Each spoken word, laughs, shouting, background noise, even muttered or murmuring unfinished sentences or words are transcribed carefully, making it like a replica of the origional.

We try to eliminate unrelated information resulting in a more natural and clearer text comes while reading. The words or meaning of the phrases are not usually changed. 


Do you use voice recognition software?
We do not rely on voice recognition software to turn audio files into written transcripts. With software you might end up with files that contain many transcription errors.

How fast can I get my transcribing done?
Our standard turnaround time is 48 hours. Of course this depends on other business demands, staffing, and length of your transcription. The quality of the information (handwriting or audio quality) given to us will impact the amount of time spent to transcribe. We can discuss this more at your initial client consultation.

Do you transcribe legal or medical?
We do not transcribe legal or medical

What languages do you transcribe?
We only transcribe in the English language

Do you Offer a "Rush Delivery"?
If you need a file transcribed more quickly than the standard turnaround time, we may charge an additional amount . We can discuss this more at your initial client consultation.

Are there any Special/ Hidden Fees?
Nothing is ever hidden with Upstate Digital Solutions. If something comes up that is concerning we always contact you to discuss it before continuing or canceling the job. We reserve the right to charge additional fees to transcribe low-quality audio because it requires extra time and effort to decipher what’s being said.